ThirdPersonCharacter casting problem


All is in the title, I’m trying to cast an object overlaped to a thirdpersoncharacter and I get this warning (see picture below):

Thanks for your help :smiley:

I think you should use Other Actor to cast.

I have some problem, i want to make object which will make noise and AI will hear it.If i cast from third person character i havnt problems, but when i cast from actor it dont make any. How to cast from actors or object blueprint?

If you want to me to use “ActorToFollow2” it doesn’t work :s

So the pin for Overlapped Component is a component not an actor.

You should use the pin for Other Actor - that is the other actor that the component is colliding with.

Depending on what you are colliding with, it may be able to be cast to a ThirdPersonCharacter.

(If you were colliding with a wall, then yuou could not cast to a character)

OMG I’m so dumb ^^’

Thanks for your help.

Yeah they are correct, other actor will do the trick when it comes to all events casting to a character/controller.