ThirdParty IntelTBB module - tbb.lib missing

I’m using Intel tbb in my project, and I discovered that UE4 ships with tbb as a third-party module named “IntelTBB”. It only contains tbbmalloc.lib, however. I can get around the problem by copying my own tbb.lib into the correct platform folder under Engine\Source\ThirdParty\IntelTBB\IntelTBB-4.0\lib.

Linking against a separately built tbb.lib from tbbmalloc.lib makes me nervous since we’re talking about a threading library. Additionally, this could cause issues down the line when shipping e.g. a plugin that I built with the IntelTBB library with my own local tbb.lib.

Would it be possible to also have tbb.lib included in this module as well?