"Third Person Shooter" - Aim Offsets Issues.

I put third person shooter in quotes because I’m actually trying to make more of an aim based melee game kind of like “Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Outcast”. I am having all kinds of problems with the aim offset. I have my camera set up and all my idle, running, walking, jumping, strafing etc. animations work fine when testing but when I set an one as one as an additive (usually idle animation) to the animation aim offset or a regular blend space setup with aimoffset pose animations, I’m getting strange skeletal problems with legs spreading and arms crossing and sometimes the whole skeletal mesh just breaks in pieces or becomes a pile of bones depending on; the way I set each of them to mesh space/local space etc. Then even when I add a ‘layer blend per node’ to the animgraph with a blend pin with spine_01, I don’t know how to get the upper torso to follow the camera and aimoffsets/blendspace when looking around…(also I don’t have any melee weapon/animations setup yet, but I don’t think that’s part of the problem for idle->locomotion aimoffset testing.)

Please If anyone can find or a make a tutorial on this I would be very appreciative of your knowledge and kindness. Just simply want to have a third person shooter setup with aimoffsets that work. (I apologize for sloppy post I am very tired and stressed out)

I basically want this, doesn’t need zooming just needs the upperbody to follow the direction of where it’s aiming but with just my idle>locomotion animations and later my melee weapon>attacks/swings

I think I can help you out, just need to see what your working with. So if you could put some screen shots of your animgraph/eventgraph that would help me help you.

Will do when I get some time, ty!

What I can give you right now is this persons post on answer hub that never received a reply with the similar problem I am having.

I made a short clip of me creating an AimOffset BP, hopefully this will help:
[video]AimOffsetCreation1.mp4 - Google Drive

I replied to this earlier but the reply and also the post itself seems to be gone from the subforum what`s that about?

ok your post probably got lost in the outage .

if your still having problems i suggest you have a look at the shooter game demo as that has a nice set up for aim offsets which work, i know your thinking but thats a FPS but the anims still works when you watch the other players

Thanks for the reply was a bit confused by that. I wasn`t the OP had just posted some comments…

What was the outage did the server go down or something?