Third Person Crosshair

Hello, i’m trying to create a crosshair for my third person action game, but i can’t find any info on the forum.

i searched over the forum, but i didn’t found any thread the really can help me.

can someone point me to a thread or tutorial that will help me to achieve this?

thanks in advance for all your help.

There are few problems with 3rd person crosshair:

  • displaying it. That is easiest, you create crosshair umg widget. Add this widget as widget component to character. Line trace where player is aiming and put that widget in world 3d space at that location. Then you make widget screen space so its always visible.

  • second problem is aiming. You need to get forward vector of player camera. and trace that line. where it hits its actually spot player is aiming. Now if your game is a bit of topdown, it is not that easy because any time something is between player and camera (door frame for eg) aiming spot will be behind player (in between of player and camera). To fix that you need a bit of logic, ie if aiming point is behind player, calculate where forward vector of camera hits the ground and pick thatlocation instead of line trace location.

  • last problem is animating character so it actually aims at location of player aiming, for that you need animation blueprint and aim offset.

thank you for the information, i will try to make the crosshair, if i have any doubts i will ask again.