Third Person character Attack while Run blend animation only when it is moving

Hello everybody !

How can I blend those animations but only when the character moves ? So if the “Speed” variable is 0.0 then do the attack animation normally (without blending).
I can do the blend animation based on the official UE TPS tutorial video but it makes the character’s leg looking weird when it just stands and not running, so that is why I want the blend only when the character is moving (when the legs are in step animation).

Thank you very much guys if you can help me !!

It is a basic thing in a TPS game… really nobody knows it ?

You might get an answer sooner if you show what you have already got or tried.
There are many ways of animating characters in UE4 and even more ways to achieve what you desire.

If you show your current set-up you will likely get a tailored answer, otherwise someone would need to describe the animation & character set-up from scratch in order to give an answer that might not be suitable for you.

I am using the original TPS animating way (what is in the tutorial like ) so it is unnecessary to show.

bump I need solution

I found the solution by myself :slight_smile: but I won’t tell how because nobody wanted to help me so I will give nothing for the community…