Third Person Camera Techniques

Hi guys,

since a don´t own a PS a watched the “Let´s Play” series on “Until Dawn” and I must say I´m very impressd by the different camera techniques they use to create a creepy atmosphere in the game.
I´ve managed to create a security type camera which rotates and follows the character and a very simple spline rail cam system. My spline system checks the distance between a spline point and the character and then then finds the one which is clostest to the player. Then the camera moves from the last position to ths point. It kind of works, but is still very buggy.

In “Until Dawn” the camera sometimes is behind the player and follows the character. But when the player changes direction (180 deg), the camera moves away from the player. Is this also done via spline camera or could this be done with distance checking and checking if the character is facing away from the camera or towards it?

Has anybody done a spline cam system or about this kind of alternate direction follow cam?

Interested in what you guys think about this camera system.