Thinking of switching from Unity, but...

Hi, I am thinking of switching from Unity to Unreal, due to the lighting in Unity not working with terrain holes, despite me reporting it as a bug and them saying it was fixed. I have recreated the test project in unreal and the lightmap bakes correctly with the light passing through the terrain hole (light doesnt pass through in unity). However there is one problem I am having which is shown in the screenshot below. The problem is that the shadow edges on the inside of the tunnel, should be straight lines, but instead they are wavy. How do I fix this?

If you try to move the piece in/out, does it change? It looks like it’s from the terrain and not the piece.

Welcome to the Unreal side! :smiley:

Have you tried increasing your object’s light map resolution? This video demonstrates it well:

In case you’re using BSP/Geometry Brushes, that option should be here: (but I do recommend converting your BSP objects to static meshes once you’re done editing them)

Hi, yes I thought it could be something to do with the terrain, but I moved it above the terrain and the result was the same.

Thanks for the map resolution suggestion, the model was imported from Blender, but I increased the map resolution to 128 and the result is as shown below, so it is good enough now.

I will now get on with learning how to use the engine, thanks

That’s great to hear! Have fun!

Even in unity.
Don’t use the terrain if the tunnel is your end goal.
Make a specific mesh built specifically for the type of light you need.