Thinking about using UE4


I have been using Unity free for two months now and squeezed out a game. A pro license is way over priced for me since I’m not aiming for revenue but fun at the moment. But I am running into serious issues currently, especially when working on a small scale with physics.

  1. The main drawback of not picking UE4 right now is C++, I have just dabbled with it and I’m currently really comfortable with C# and Java. But even when I do know C++ it is slow to write compared to higher level languages. I see Xamarin from Mono has developed a C# wrapper for UE4 like it has for Unity. How does this integrate and is this free to use with UE4, what are the pro’s and con’s of using this extension?

  2. How well is the documentation on scripting? With Unity I can find almost anything within a view clicks, I really like this since I barely ever have to ask a question myself.

  3. My issue with Unity are all the unpolished features, I’m not sure the pro version addresses these issues but I don’t want to try it out for $1500. I bet Epic offers a way more polished product.

  4. I am particularly interested in small game worlds. How does UE4 physics handle small game worlds like with 1cm objects like a pinball machine? And do shadows/lighting work good on this scale?

  5. I mostly create simple games like arcade and board games. I will be targeting android, IOS, facebook in the future. Taking this into account, is UE4 something i should look into?

Thanks in advance,

Dont worry about C++. UE4 has Blueprints! It can do more then you would think. If you dont do any crazy things you probably wont need C++. And if you do: Epic has done a great job to make your life easy :slight_smile:

fixed it:)

I really don’t think blueprint give me the flexibility I need. I’m not looking to create a FPS or other mainstream games. Perhaps I want to integrate the Facebook or Google play services API’s and I doubt that is possible using the blueprints. I have coded just fine with Java/LibGDX and C#/XNA and I like to keep in control.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have been watching some coding tutorials for UE4 and I’m still pretty lost where to find information quickly? There seems to be a major lack of documentation. I should type “UE4 add component” into google to get a link to the documentation, instead I have to click on several deeper links to get a tutorial where I need to read unnecessary stuff for what i currently want to know.

For instance I want to know more about a component, there is no list of components so if I’m looking for a Sphere i have no clue how to search, after some reading and watching video tutorials I know I need the USphereComponent. For unity this would cost me not more then a couple of seconds.

For comparison:
Searching “Unity collision” yields this as top hit: and within a view clicks I am at the exact component I need.

Searching “UE4 collision” yields not much at all. Some people that asked a question about it and some video’s that I really do not have time for. I want to get into the documentation, what are the components relating to collision? What component do I need for a custom mesh add a custom mesh collider? What are the members and functions of a collision class/component, does it expose listeners?

Maybe I’m taking the wrong approach here and obviously to get more familiar I have to start doing stuff with UE4 so I guess that is what I’m going to do, after all €20 is an amazing price for a product like UE4. However, I still do not have a clue where to how to start programming with UE4, with unity I was up and running from the moment I opened it up.