Thin-Client(ish) Information Needed

Hello All!

I am semi-new to game design, I understand most coding concepts, I’ve dabbled in animation, rigging and modeling. As far as developing a game with UE4 I know how to research everything needed to get stuff done. My current problem is wrapping my head around how servers handle the event functions of a game. The whole thin client concept. When using UE4 specifically, how do I make sure the servers handle spawn events, monitors damage and attribute points or victories where needed.

Full thin client would, which I still feel is not quite ready yet for most game ideas. To take League of Legends or WoW for example I believe the majority of client side files are purely the models, animations and art but nothing important controlled by the client end, as it would be hacked very easily.

How do I go about making sure the Thin-Client concept is built properly for my game in UE4? What are the steps to create a test environment for this? Is there a phrase (client-server relations) for this in the game industry?

Any direction would be a big plus here.

Have you watched the UE4 networking videos yet? You can set what is handled on the server vs client. You can do things on the server that get replicated to the clients.

Certainly have not, I’ll start there - thanks!

If anyone has more to add, please do!