Thick hairs simulation

How can simulations be done for hair like this?

Cloth painting. That’s about it.

Idk what are you talking about, but i assume it is simple mesh cloth? I tried, and it pretty bad.

Also tried with different values… It was almost better with self collision but hardcore lagg! In addition it was pain to paint, is there better way to do this? Like weight paint or vertex paint…
Whatever, i think cloth paint doesn’t match for this.

well, it looks like hair, just not the type of hair you want XD

the real problem is that what you want is a soft body.
and the unreal implementation doesn’t even have have right stuff for the rest of it…Module Documentation — NVIDIA APEX Documentation

in essence, backstop paint would have to be set up appropriately, and work correctly, in order to do this “easily”.

paint in blender.

You want a very small distance. Of 1 cm or 2 max.
You want a solid distance for the backstop to see if you can possibly get any of it to work.

If you can’t (after really trying for a couple days) get this to work to your satisfaction, the next and realistically only other option you have is to create a specific rig for it with simulated collisions and good constraints.

I would suggest making the hair do its own thing. Not part of the character for this. You tack it on with a master pose component. And thanks to a decent PHAT asset it will simulate physics.

and obviously leveraging anim dynamics (or whatever chaos uses now?)

It’s a painful process, like clothing, but you do get a LOT more control with it than you would with cloth paint.
also a lot more mobility and options, since cloth will never collide with the enviroment (at least not even now with chaos, at the time of this writing. Perhaps some day it might).

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