they are examples to use Post-processing using blue print

The last time i try i dont able to do it work, they are some working example in anyplace?

What exactly do you want to do and what have you tried so far?

A drug effect in the player. They are a work around using volumens, i dont have good control.

Hi erWilly,

Have you taken a look at the Content Examples > open map > Post Process

There are a lot of post process settings in there that should assist in helping you set up something you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

Some of the ones that may help you with the ‘Drug’ effect could be blending between the following post process settings:

Depth of Field
Scene Color

I hope this helps!

Thank you!


Hi Tim,

Thanks, this map remember me the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas :). So good to get parametres.

but all examples are with volumens, I am looking for blueprints examples. All my test are failed.

You wont see the effect by changing only Bokeh size if all the other settings are at default. You should increase the scale as well.

ok, I see now is working :o , many thanks.