There is a timeframe for c++17 support on Android?

I’m porting a 2d rendering system of mine on ue4.
Some features of this system (e.g. animation update) uses a third party ecs library (Entt) requiring c++17.
All works without issues on windows, but on android when I Import this c++17 lib it gives me all kind of compile errors related to unsupported language features.
I have seen that 4.25 will come with ndk update to r21 it would be enough to compile some c++17 e.g. using the r21’s clang or it will still stuck with the old gcc?
I need to understand if Entt and c++17 are an option for mobile or I should replace the parts of my system requiring them.
Naturally on mobile the difference in performance with paper2d counts the most so it is my major platform of interest.

P.s. Sorry wrong section please move to android development.

Don’t know about c++17 support, but on this

> or I should replace the parts of my system requiring them.

“If you are looking for a C++14 version of EnTT, check out the git tag cpp14.”

I have evaluated that option but :

  • I have to change a lot of code.
  • It still doesn’t compile for other reasons.(e.g. registry.hpp(1589,25): error : declaration shadows a field of ‘Registry<type-parameter-0-0>’ -Werror,-Wshadow] const auto &entities = registry.entities;)
  • that tag is 2 years old and unsupported and this doesn’t motivate me to make the fixes to get it compile.

so my hope is still in 4.25 and cpp17 support.