There is a huge problm with Gear VR,the game freeze every time!

The situation is weird,my game freeze every time if i turn on the WIFI and MobieData on my Samsung Galaxy edge+.Once i turn off those tirgger,things will never happen.I can look anywhere in game when it is freeze,it’s just like you are watching a movie which is paused.
![alt text][1]
I packed this game with UE4.10.4,and i have tired other versions like 4.92 or 4.83,all the same problem.Then i tired pack a empty sence in a bran-new project,the game still freeze after few seconds i started the game.
Then i download the 4.11.1,the game stop being freeze but the game performance become worse, FPS < 40 all the time with a same project,is there anyone can help me out of this,i would be appreciate.
Keywords_1: Game freeze,WIFI and Mobiedata,UE4.10.4
Keywords_2: FPS < 40 ,same project,UE4.11.1
PS:Some developers find the same problems with GearVR which packed in UE4.