There are freezes when we working with the Thread(Runnable or std::thread) and ParallelFor function in Development mode

We added a project which demonstrating the problem.

When we start project from Editor mode, everything works well.
When we start project from the Development mode there are freezes.
Freezes occur when we working with ParallelFor function (small files).

On versions 4.17, 4.18, 4.19 there are freezes.
(Note: version 4.11, everything works fine, the freezes do not occur).
description of situation:

1 create a class using the Thread(Runnable or std::thread)

2 start reading the file or image decoding in a cycle( assuming that the stream works all the time, and engaged in the loading and management of new data)
3 run the project in Development mode and Editor mode and compare freeze Seconds.

Help us to remove the freezes when we working with threads