Theory about textures (not applied yet)

So this is what I have already and I know that it needs a lot of work (the project picture).

The mesh was generated with a procedural texture baked to an image. I have the height information from a smaller duplicate to make the snow. When someone is this close to a range of mountains they would see individual trees. What I would like to do is to make trees (without adding each tree) on the shallower angles even though I would need an angle if my theory proves right. I would like to get a rotation angle from the center to plug into the x axis of a forest texture like the one included and the height to plug into y.
of course scale is inverse to distance. Generally it is a panoramic view like this.

Seems overly complex, why not simply creating 3d imposter meshes of the pine tree you would have created?

The imposter does a great job in my opinion.