The Way We Walk in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows us to enjoy new, immersive experiences – we could be world-class runners, footballers or even soldiers serving in a special military unit. To fully become immersed in these experiences, the VR equipment should cover our entire body and all of our senses. There have been many advances in these fields; in this article, we will focus on walking in VR, and the upcoming gadgets which enable us to transmit our real-world leg movements into the virtual world.

All four gadgets work in the same basic way: the user is confined to a small space, similarly to a running treadmill. Read More at . . . .

TL;DR: He covers all of the existing 3rd party hardware solutions such as virtuix omni.

However, as a VR developer who is trying to make money to survive, you have to target the lowest common denominator for the hardware market. There will probably be 1,000 people with this hardware and if you sell a game which supports it, you will probably sell to 5% of the market, so you’d probably get 50 sales by supporting these third party hardware solutions. I’m really skeptical about adding support for them because there is no worthwhile customer base.

The Omni is dead.