The variable [name] declared in [blueprint] has an invalid type.

I get this error when compiling my blueprint. The variable this error references isn’t in my blueprint any more. Does this mean the blueprint is corrupted? What am I supposed to do? The variable literally is never declared in the blueprint, the error is wrong.

I kind of don’t understand. Am I supposed to remake entire massive blueprints from scratch every time they randomly “corrupt” like this? How does anyone tolerate this? It’s kind of blowing my mind how much this program crashes and gets corrupted so easily. I feel like there is no way that people with complex projects actually tolerate this. More than half my development time is basically due to me saving everything every single second because it crashes so much, and now that things keep getting corrupted, it makes me want to give up this software. I don’t understand how to use git. I mean I’ve been making backups but when I tried a “git pull” it just says “everything up to date” or some stupid **** like that. Can someone offer me some advice? Should I try to use Perforce? Any wisdom from people dealing with this for a long time? I know to not use Data Tables any more because they I think are the original cause of everything breaking. So you add a variable to a struct that a data table is based on, and everything breaks, every time. How is this acceptable? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Who gives a **** about volumetric fog or whatever new features if the thing is so incredibly fragile? Holy **** I am losing my mind. Any advice?

So I duplicate the entire class, I just rename it [blueprint]2, then I try to delete the “problematic” blueprint and replace references with the entire blueprint i just duplicated manually, and a little loading bar comes up, and of course Unreal crashes. I start it up again. It goes a little ways, but eventually says no none of the 19 things referencing this actually worked, it is recommended that you restart without saving. So I do that. Try the same thing again, it crashes. Try it again, it crashes. Try it again, it crashes. What am I supposed to do? Thank you for your help.