The Unreal Marketplace Improvement and Feedback Thread

A simple email system that would send invoice ID’s & products purchased to a specific email (Defined by the seller) every time a transaction went through. It would make the process more seamless by allowing us to automatically (or manually) validate our customers.

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I’m really loving selling on the Unreal Marketplace. That said, I do see some areas where the marketplace could be better.

Love that the new products are by default listed first, giving them some exposure. Where I think the marketplace fails with exposure is after the release, outside of being in a sale, the creators have no way of getting more eyes on their products, at least within the Unreal Marketplace. It would be nice if we had a way to market our products within the marketplace. As it grows, getting exposure will be more and more difficult. Something that I have seen that looks to work well on other marketplaces, is creators being able to buy ads displayed in specific categories. This also encourages more categories when it is warranted, as Epic will make more money on ads if there are more categories. Another idea is to allow merchants to buy tag words, placing their items at the top of the list for those words. Just my thoughts on it so far.

If its if an unobtrusive bottom of page other products you might be interested in, and those products are genuinely RELATED to the one you’re looking at (and NOT just something poked in your eye) - then maybe. But buying TAGs will lead to abuse, with larger sellers dominating smaller ones (with no guarantee of better quality). If so, no thanks! It sounds like web search, or what all the anti-trust cases around the world are all about.

Do Ads work anyway? The advertising / marketing industry cesspit is becoming ever more sleazy and invasive with predictive fingerprinting techniques for micro-targeting, based on browser / device / session metadata (especially server-side, where it can’t be blocked versus client-side 3rd-Party cookies which are going away anyway). There’s strong evidence that none of it works anyway, and its just being exploited by fraudsters!

The alternative is to build a greater presence on here. I’m not talking about posting Ads in Community-Tools which isn’t the place for African Elephants anyway (delete that Ad from Feb 2020 dude :wink:). I’m talking about contributing something on the Forums or AnswerHub or other commonly used channels. Want examples of MP creators that do? PM me.

Its up to you. But there are lots of devs on here who will never buy anything from creators with zero presence. For starters it can be harder to get a refund from them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Anyway, why not have a side-chat with others on the creators platform and see if loyalty or building up interest by interacting more on here is something that can grow sales or not. As the forums are kinda dead. But paid-for promotion or sub-Ads are so over-saturated.

I think the marketplace has too little quality oversight. As buyer I really have trouble sorting through all the low quality assets.


I get the feeling that Epic saw the marketplace as a way to get people into UE4 and just let anything through. They don’t seem interested in it anymore.

But there are assets that most people could never make on their own and are dedicated projects in their own right that take a significant time investment and large user base to even be worth making that just get buried in the rubbish.

Examples are Voxel Plugin, ArcInventory, my own plugin MoveIt which somehow survived despite Epic making ALS free during development obliterating my profits.

And then the few actually high end art assets like Stylescape and so forth that are buried under the endless stream of assets that aren’t good enough to put in a game.

And if I make a new asset there’s a huge likelihood that it will disappear from front page on the day of release and won’t be seen. Or a competitor will go free before I finish it.

It’s a big issue and it feels like Epic aren’t invested enough to fix it. We’re supporting the marketplace against our own interests at this place because we feel obligations to customers.


If you were to put this to Epic execs, they’d probably say (or quietly think anyway): ‘Well, what did you expect’? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As earnings from the Marketplace look distinctly uninteresting if placed side by side against Fortnite’s billions or Tim Sweeney’s 7-10 billion estimated personal fortune. So overall, the skewed economics here are pretty much just insane!

So many tech corps don’t deserve their billion dollar paydays (think invasive unethical biz models or overblown AI hype). But I say Epic earned theirs. So good luck to Tim. In this winner takes all reality, inequality is at a staggering scale anyway. Many devs are just serfs / plebs stuck in a tech fiefdom that only ever gets to look up at billionaires and wonder.

What’s disconcerting about the Marketplace though, is the unreasonable or even cruel amount of work it takes to get past the submission process, and yet most of the products on there are kinda forgettable! When you ask creators why, they’ll often tell you, ‘I have to price everything at 10 dolla - just to sell anything’. So again, really, what did you expect? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Personally I’d like to contribute on the quality side, as I’ve 10-20 gameplay systems that would interest somebody. Some are advanced, and there’s nothing like them on the MP currently. But the economics and the hassle just aren’t worth it. Then there’s the whole issue of Piracy. But if others feel the same way then ultimately we all lose out, don’t we?


Please add market comment instant email reply notifications!


Please please pleeeease, can we have more specific filters?

We have a specific section for “weapons”, but vehicles get chucked in with other props.

We need more detailed categories to filter content through. Male characters, female characters, stylized characters, monster characters etc etc. Guns, ranged weapons, melee weapons, vehicles, motorbikes, boats, military etc.

Marketplace creators would get a lot more visibility if there content was accessible, it’s too hard to find content by searching now days.

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Now there’s a thought. Related items. I did like that the marketplace has them. I think they are very useful. Would be nice if some of those related items were our own items, or 2 sets of them. 1 related items list the creators put together for each product, and then a related items list that Unreal organizes.

If they don’t work, then people whom are thrifty won’t keep buying them. I don’t think anyone wants to be tracked. No need for all that. All I’m saying is that as a creator, if I spend a ton of time on something, especially something that could be useful to other people, it would be nice to be able to buy an Ad, typically in the category it is in, to get possibly more eyes on it. Imagine a section at the top or bottom of every category that creators could buy. Maybe it only has space to show 4 ads, but you randomize it if there is more than 4. I’m both a creators and a developer. There are lots of great tools and things that people have made. How do I find them? How do I know what is good? Well, if some spends the time and money to make an ads, then they are probably serious about their work, or passionate about their products or whatever. I know this as a creator. And, it is very likely that Epic will make far more money selling ads than they ever will on the commission rate. I know on the platforms I have sold on that have good advertising options, I spend way more on those than they charge me in commission. So, in the end, Epic could choose to not charge any commission rate, because they make more than enough on the ads.

I have no idea the impact of being more active in the Unreal Forums. Totally love that Epic calls out people that help others in the forums. That was super cool to see. I was extremely active in the Unity Forums, answering questions in the Animation section. It was somewhat crazy how much work I got from that. I’d answer their question, and then they’d have another, and then another, and then “Hey, you want to do this for us?” lol. I’m not experienced in Unreal enough to really give any good advice yet. I’m sure that time will come. I’m really waiting for Unreal to open the metaverse. If you guys want to excite 3D artists, then give us a persistent world when we can all meet and show off our crazy creations as soon as they are ready. I’m involved in a number of virtual worlds. There is nothing more powerful than bringing your creations into an active world of creator friends.

What I do plan on doing, is making some tutorials. I think there are a number of niches for tutorials related to using Blender with Unreal, or just general things about Unreal Engine that aren’t covered as broadly. I have a number of tutorials around 3D creation and animation for various platforms.

The Rating System…

For 15 years now, I’ve been selling 3D products on a number of 3D marketplaces. The rating systems on each of them can be very contentious with content creators. 1 site I was on near a decade ago seemed to do it right. One thing I see being on the Unreal Marketplace for a little while and selling a few thousand dollars worth of stuff, is that few people rate the products. Surprisingly few people do. When so few people rate the products, this can be frustrating for creators. Even if you make a great product, all it takes is 1 person to rate it negatively to completely kill sales on them. This is generally not something I worry about, but it’s a common complaint from others. The real problem is not negative ratings, but the fact that few people rate the products they bought. 1 negative rating or review means a lot less if you have many other ratings, somewhat cancelling out the bad 1. Also, when it is not easy to rate products, then it is far more likely for the average rating to be negative, as those people have a reason to seek out the rating system than people that liked the product. Like I said, there was 1 site that managed to get the rating system right. What they did was make it super easy to rate the products, with constant reminders. On that site, probably 1 in 4 purchases were rated. It was a vast difference from all the other sites. Looking at Epic Launcher, we have a list of all the products we have purchased. If there were stars options on each of those products in our Launcher, then it would be a simple way to rate the products, and in a place that is more natural to do it, where you are actually using the product. So, more reminders to rate products, and other options to do so will greatly increase the usefulness of ratings.


I was just wondering if it’s possible to discourage Discord verification in reviews and questions. It really inflates the number of reviews and questions for some products, making it difficult to read through what people are actually saying about the product. I don’t know if it’s seller-driven or customer-driven or what, and I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but it does make it difficult to tell what’s actually a quality product. Easy Survival RPG is an example. Again, not accusing, and the product looks really cool, but information is buried under mountains of discord requests.



Having to use an external platform to figure out the true value of MP products is counter-productive. That is, unless Epic plans to target Discord as an acquisition and integrate it? :stuck_out_tongue:

How about supporting Linux users?


We should make better tools for creators to be able to verify purchases, not limit the existing options.

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I agree there absolutely should be better tools for creators to verify purchases.

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The Marketplace was just updated so that uses can no longer go to their wishlist and see which items are on sale. This will impact sales as it’s a great way for potential customers holding out for a discount to grab it when it goes on sale.

This used to have the price on the right side of the card in the wishlist list. If it was on sale, the price would be crossed out with the active sale price.

Can y’all please add the wishlist item price/sale price back to the list of items in the wishlist?



I hope this is a bug because tracking a price is one of the main reasons you keep items on your wishlist. In the launcher, the wishlist works the same way as before, but the website has this issue.

The update has introduced an unrelated, yet just as annoying feature - a warning when you leave the site following a link. It is an understandable security feature, and whitelisting links to websites like Youtube where nearly every creator hosts their showcase video is a must, in my opinion.


As already noted above, the pricing has been removed from the Wishlist…better be a bug. Definitely won’t be clicking on each item to see wtf the price is… This will definitely impact sales for those who use the Wishlist…which is probably everyone!!!

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