The Unfortunate Adventures of Rox Willful : 2D/3D Point & Click game

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

We’re working on a Point & Click game mixing 2D backgrounds and 3D characters in Unreal 4. It’s called The Unfortunate Adventures of Rox Willful.

How does it look? Feedback is always welcome!

We’re on Greenlight!

We also have a Facebook page if you want to see concept art and stuff every few days.

Woooha, looks great! Consistent art, cool style, I love the mood!
Go on!

Upvoted, awesome retro style ,great art diection and humor, a nice diversion from other genres.


Looks awesome! The character art and designs are outstanding, and this really has it’s own sense of style to it, which is very admirable.

Can’t wait to see some more gameplay footage!