The Struggle of Side Scroller Cameras in UE4

Hey everyone,

I’ve been trying to make a third person side scroller camera for a 2.5D style game for a while now and so far found it rather tedious.

The two main features I’m struggling to implement being;

Platform locking - where the camera stays at a constant height (Z position) during a jump, and then I can lerp it to a new height if the next platform is at a different level, similar to the super mario world camera
Shown in this video at 1:20

Idle room - where the camera stays put until the player reaches a boundary and then lerps ahead of the player
As shown in this video
I’ve actually managed to get my camera to offset depending on the player’s velocity before, but I have no idea how to give room to idle before the camera starts moving.

Currently I’m using a camera component attached to a spring arm - should I be using a separate camera actor with collision boxes or something? (bearing in mind I’d like to have the functionality of changing the spring arm length for other features) - would having a separate camera actor impact performance?

So if anyone has any ideas on this or has managed to do anything like this before I’d love to hear about it!


I would say making the camera its own actor is the way to go in this case. Then change the Z based on what platform the character is, but have it always follow the player on the X. lots of good insights about side scroller camera design in this clip, but unfortunately not much help for ue4. I am running into the same problems. Have you had any luck?