The Secrets Beneath: A Ludum Dare Compo Game I Made In 48 Hours!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to show off my Ludum Dare compo game made in UE4. The game is a first person dungeon crawler that ends in a boss fight.

The game can be downloaded here

If you participated in the compo/jam be sure to vote for my game so I can hopefully rank higher in the final games! :slight_smile:

I would post a video but I spent so much time with it I can clear the game really easily so Id ruin the game for you, so instead, here are a few screenshots of the game :wink: :


Mess Hall:


The Eye (boss):

Yeah, theres a lot of bugs and issues, and it doesnt run very well. What can you expect for UE4 in 48 hours with one person? :wink:

Thanks to:

  • vblanco for answering all my UE4 questions no matter how stupid, he knows so much more about this than I do
  • Cassu2 for testing my game and giving me feedback/bug reports during development

Thanks for checking it out! I really put a lot of work into this game and really enjoyed making it, so I really appreciate you checking it out! :slight_smile:

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Not bad! I think I know a certain Swedish game that might have partially inspired yours :slight_smile:

Did you write some block generator script thing, or is it all done by hand?

Actually, my game was fully inspired by Delver. The reason I chose blocks as the environment was because I cant do 3D modeling at all, so I just made everything out of boxes :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as world generation goes, it isnt. My initial idea was to hand make preset rooms then randomly generate the dungeon based off those premade rooms, just adding a new room from each door to the previous, but trashed that idea in the first 5 minutes as I just simply didnt have enough time to do that.