The replacement of exec functions , exist ?

So, you used to have in unrealscript executable function that could be called through bindings.

So now this bindings are set from the Input file from the project , but how do i link them to this bindings ?

is it all blueprint handled ?

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Every function that is to handle input bindings simply needs UFUNCTION(), this fulfills the role of Exec in terms of your question, as well as being essential for any functions used in network code.


//regular function definition


then you setup the bindings in SetupInputComponent

Check out the third person code based project, MyCharacter.cpp for details.

it looks kinda like this:



void KeyTPressed();

void KeyTReleased();




void AVictoryGamePlayerController::SetupInputComponent()

	//Controller input
	BIND_ACTION(InputComponent, "KeyDownT", IE_Pressed, &AVictoryGamePlayerController::KeyTPressed);
	BIND_ACTION(InputComponent, "KeyUpT", IE_Released, &AVictoryGamePlayerController::KeyTReleased);


Ini File

Then setup the appropriate correspondants in the ini file

+ActionMappings=(ActionName="KeyDownT", Key=T)
+ActionMappings=(ActionName="KeyUpT", Key=T)

Wow dude , that really clears out a lot my path from ocluding bushes ! thanks. Ue4 is a new challange so far it’s being hard , so it’s being fun, and this land has excellent dynamic lighting.

UE4 Dynamic Lighting is soooo good that it covers my game’s lighting needs (with its in-game Editor) easily and completely!



You can also include the exec keyword inside of a UFUNCTION() declaration to make it an exec function if you want to expose it to the debug console.

Michael Noland

It’s a small thing, but you do not need to make the function a UFUNCTION() to bind it via BindAction/Axis. This was once true, but is no longer.