The question of the correctness of the choice of engine.

Hello! I am developing a Soyuz-TMA spacecraft simulator. We started to develop, we had a question about the choice of the engine. Can you tell me if we made the right choice on Unreal Engine?
In the simulator we are going to implement the following ideas:

  1. An exact copy of the Soyuz-TMA spacecraft with the ability to move around the ship (first-person view) and interact with controls (switches, buttons, screens …)
  2. Repetition of all the algorithms of the ship at all stages (modes) of flight. From strart to docking and landing.
  3. Introduction of any abnormal situations and their elimination (fire, depressurization, ammonia leak, etc.)
  4. Multiplayer for online games, as well as to control the player’s actions (provided that the player has connected the “INSTRUCTOR” function) as in the real flight of the Soyuz ship.

I did some analysis of the engines and came to the conclusion that the UE would be the most appropriate. But I could be wrong. Are there those who are engaged in a similar theme? I really need your help!

Pretty much any engine has the capability of that, though of course a lot of the interation is stuff you’d have to do yourself with Blueprints or coding, which is typical of any game development.

Yep, the real question is what other experience does he already have. If he has 10 years of Unity experience, then that is the best choice for him to make a game.

Unreal Engine is very powerful and has lots of features built in that you’d have to pay for with other engines. If you have no experience with other engines then for a 3D simulation game like this it should be great. You will need to put in the effort to learn the engine and search for answers though.

As a friendly recommendation, if you haven’t developed a multiplayer game before, be aware that it makes everything much more complicated. UE4 is great at automating a lot of it, but if you don’t design for multiplayer from the beginning you’ll end up in a big mess.