The problem with spawning a pawn (player)

Hi all, I’m new in UE4 I try to follow this excellent tutorial but it looks like I’m stuck at a simple thing that is not in it and can not figure it out. This is the link for the tutorial everything is working properly by the time He skipped to the next mopdel at 14:30 min. Right before that when he hits the play button his tank spawns in the air like mine, you can move around but tank floats in mid air and is not colliding with objects but going through them. Guy in the video is in the same situation but when he skip to the second model the matter is resolved. When you watch video from 14:00 - 15:oo min you will see what i meen. I’m stuck at problem seen in the picture.

I have not gone through the tutorial but if I had to guess I would say that the second pawn has Simulate Physics enabled on the tank body. This can be found in the viewport tab of the blueprint editor on the right side with the tank body selected. Please note that the static mesh must have collision set up for this to work and that the tank body should be the root component.