The pre-process to import 3D assets into UE

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I wanna know what’s the pre-process to import 3D assets into UE 4. Actually, I think I know the basic steps that are UV Mapping - for texturing - and make the object solid - something that others can conflict with. I’m using Maya and importing through FBX.

So, is these two steps enough to get an asset up and running on UE 4? And more: it’s better to rig a character on Maya itself or UE 4 can deal with this for us?

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  1. also add a collision -> but you can als do that in the UE4
  2. create a 2nd uv channel + lightmap
  1. Which is the best/right way to do that? UE4 or Maya?

Take a look at my collision tutorial (it’s in blender, but it works the same in maya, 3dmax,…)l → you can find it on my channel

you will need to rig skeletal meshes in maya.