The ongoing discussion about deletion of negative reviews in the marketplace

We want our review system to help buyers make informed decisions when choosing what products to purchase, and we want our sellers to experience the value of having ratings that are fair and accurate. Unfortunately, some members of the marketplace community (both buyers and sellers), are abusing the current system. The review system needs to be fair, clear, and useful, and we want to mitigate the possibility of abuse. To that end, we’re having ongoing conversations internally on how to update the system that will meet the needs of the overall community.

As an additional note, we don’t like that some people use the reviews or questions system to confirm product ownership, and we want to solve that by giving the seller community the ability to verify product ownership (no big announcement on that, but it is high on the priority list).

@spacegojira I’m tagging you since I’ve moved the thread to the Marketplace section and wanted to make sure that you could still find it.

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I agree that using Reviews for Verification is not a valid option and I would also see that as manipulating the product ratings.

I started using the Questions Area for Verification since 3 Weeks, but I ask everyone to delete their Verification Question after that. It also revealed some people (4+) who didn’t purchase it, but have access to the product from piracy websites. This allows me to not waste my time supporting those kind of people.

It’s good to see that you do plan to give us Sellers a real option for verification, but I am wondering now If Epic wants us Sellers to stop using the Questions Area for verification until the official option is available?

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While using it for verifications dramatically hurts the intended usefulness of the questions feature, we aren’t preventing it since we don’t have a self help system for verification. We do not want people using the Reviews section for a similar purpose, and there have been some cases where we’ve had to intervene.

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@Unreal_Josh Thanks for tagging me. I can still find the discussion when I click on the profile symbol here. I also changed the thread title to better reflect the nature of the discussion.

On a sidenote, I noticed that once you refund a marketplace asset, you can no longer review it. It would be better to still be able to leave a review for a refunded asset, as it can help others to be aware of issues with it (in my case the asset has some serious technical issues, which I now can not warn about any longer).
Steam does this too, where you can still leave a review after you have refunded a game.

Could you please consider making that change, to still allow reviews for an already refunded asset?


I’ve bought a lot of assets from the marketplace, a lot were good, but one developer was very rude and didn’t fix problems in his assets, so I went and wrote a negative review for the purchases I’ve made from him.
To my shocking surprise, Epic deleted my reviews.
That’s really bad.

Name & shame… :stuck_out_tongue: