The Official Forum for the worlds finest Engine - Editor....Needs more forum sections

The Official Forum for the worlds finest Engine / Editor
Needs more forum sections…

The Forum could use a few more sections like
“Models and Animation”
"Levels and Materials, "
“Rendering and Lighting”
“Importing Exporting”
The “Content Creation” Section really needs more better divisions.

Right now everything is clumped into “Content Creation”
This editor is possibly the worlds most advanced package for creating and modifying content.

I’m just a noob. I don’t know the engine that well.
It just seems like trying to pack everything related to “content creation…”
into one section, is a mess.

the first page of threads covers like 20 topics in no given orginization other than “make stuff and ask all your questions here”.
is a little extra data organization that much to ask ?

You literally built a C++ Editor that can write its own C++ code. You can do it Epic : )