The new release of Coherent UI GT for UE 4 comes with amazing features!

Yesterday we released the new update of Coherent UI GT for UE4! We are excited and want to share with you what we have been working on for the last month.

**New RHI Renderer
One of the largest innovations is the new renderer for UE4. It is already a default setting in GT.

Until now, we have used our generic DirectX 11 rendering code which worked very well. However, we knew that by tightly integrating the rendering code with the UE4 pipeline, we will achieve even better results. We designed the renderer especially for UE4 and took into consideration all the specifics of the engine.

How does the new renderer work? It is closely integrated into the UE4 rendering pipeline and generates RHI command lists. We have managed to cut all the overhead from state changes when the program flow moves from Unreal Engine code to GT. We have also highly improved the state caching and batching in UE4.

The results are great! There is a 25-40% improvement in the rendering performance. In addition to that, all rendering commands generated by GT are now visible in the UE4 profiler.

**Coherent UI GT Menu Entry **

The new version brings better integration between the UE4 Editor and Coherent UI GT. There is a new Menu, we have added to the Editor, which helps developers easily set a HUD, create an in-world UI, launch the Inspector, documentation and much more.

To give you a heads up: in the next versions of GT we will strive to make the user experience of Coherent UI GT in UE4 even simpler and faster by optimizing it and adding new integration features.

Better Documentation

We have added new guides to the documentation which cover important topics such as Input, workflow,Blueprint integration and performance tips.

Read the full blog post and learn more about Coherent UI GT 0.9.6.

I looked through the UI stuff, and while I do admire the work, this is, unfortunately, out of my budget. SAS model sucks, especially when your working in an unstable job market in order to “pay the bills”. The package that allows you to use it for 1 title is quite a bit too much.

If the indie version was listed as a “student version” instead, and there was an actual indie version with the following:

Price: $500
Studio budget < $150K
Studio revenue < $150K
Support: Basic (free)
License: Fixed, Register Release
Upgrades: Updates free

Then I would be more inclined to try it out. According to the demo download page, I wouldn’t even be able to evaluate it due to my development situation (reading the drop-downs would scream “This can’t be serious!”), so I would need to fully purchase it just to try it out :\


We have a separate Student Program which allows for up to 6 months free of charge license for Coherent UI. Our indie license is priced at $129 per year which we believe is a reasonable price as our solution can save a lot of development time. The feedback from our community is very positive so far, but I would be glad to hear your thought on the pricing as well.

We do provide a trial of Coherent UI even to small teams with no budgets. We know that for indie teams allocating funds for middleware is hard. That is why we want them to make sure that Coherent UI is the right solution for their project and that it will save them resources before they make a decision to purchase. Please send me an email to with your name and I will provide you with a full 30 day trial of Coherent UI for Unreal Engine 4.