The new learning portal preview is now live!

I figured it out. It looks like it was a problem with Microsoft Edge. I opened the file in Chrome it works fine.

Thanks Red Solar… I’ll pass the comments along. Some of those we already have in the works. :slight_smile:


Dear Chris

I am currently going through a few learning paths and am greatly enjoying the experience…
One little issue on my latest course “Preparing Design Data for Optimal Performance”
Quiz n°3 has questions related to collisions which are only treated in the video set after the quiz

I’m so enjoying the course that I wanted to do a Live stream on it, but…there lies the issue…
The displaying of our real names in the Academy course, in the Achievements page
and in the discussions related to the courses. don’t really want to dox myself on my first stream.^^

So I got two questions :

  1. Is streaming my progression on a course, authorized or maybe even encouraged?
  2. how can I change my settings to not show my name to other users
    as stipulated in the personal settings ?
    “Your real name is private and will not be displayed to other users.”

Thanks for your time and the great learning resource

Can we have something of Sjoerd level expertise but about programming or animation? After his course I feel like I have eaten 10 books in two days without brain overload. Unfortunately I can’t find something even remotely as good on the internet.

Hi Chris! This site has been an awesome tool so far. I’m really enjoying it, and I’m finding tutorials for specific workflows that I’ve been unable to locate elsewhere.

Just regarding these badges, it actually looks like you have to fill out “all” of the course info. This kind of seems like it defeats the whole purpose of having a LinkedIn button next to each badge, unless I’m missing something, or maybe it’s not functioning correctly? Not that I think it’s a big deal, or that I would treat these as actual “qualifications”. It just would have been nice to be able to add some of the more complex courses to my profile at the click of a button, without having to worry about figuring out what to quote as the issuing organisation, credential ID, URL, or whichever :slight_smile:

Me too … I just can’t figure out how to fill that form and I’d like to show my achievements on LinkedIn. Please someone acquainted with LI can help?

Input the badge name in the name field, and select Epic Games as the institution. This has worked to get the title of these courses on my profile, with the Epic Games logo, but it doesn’t have a way to verify it yet. This is a feature that LinkedIn had problems with and it seems they are completely deprecating the entire “add to profile” feature. Just leave the Credential and URL (last two) blank. You can still come back to edit those later on. I am seriously considering using my Epic Account Username for the Credential ID and the Epic Games website for the Credential URL. It goes without saying that anyone who is interested in unreal engine, and has made it a part of their business will be familiar with the learning portal by now.

I don’t see badge sharing icons at all on my Achievements page. What am I doing wrong? I’d lile to share this on LinkedIn.

@devaste3d. This functionality was temporarily disabled until platform could be made. Expect it to be available again by 9/20.

Any information about achievements links at LinkedIn?
And thanks a lot for awesome stuff!

I can’t find where to set up a professional role.
Where is it set up?

Thanks for the courses, they are really very useful !!

Thanks! The Competencies display has been disabled for now. Sorry for the confusion.

Nice work, I hope it will very useful to us.

Does the linkin badge integration work for anyone? or is this an incomplete system?

Its Should be working. What issues are you seeing. Its worth noting that LI doesn’t scrape any data to auto-popluate their posts. you have to add everything manually. Thats a limitation of LinkedIn, not the learning portal.

If you have further issues, please feel free to visit our new community page and add a support ticket. Unreal Online Learning


Looking it, thanks.

It would be really amazing if yall had a section on audio, like reverb, VOIP and microphone input etc.<3 I have learned alot following these just wish there was some audio and multiplayer audio

How do we add a profile pic to our Achievements page? Thanks

Eric, Here is how to change your profile pic in the Unreal Online Learning portal

Step 1: Go to your profile (upper right). Click your name, then choose “Online Learning” from the drop down.


Step 2:

Pick your image!

Hope this helps… thanks for watching!