The new learning portal preview is now live!

In the vein of #3 I’d like to add a practical example:

We have several employees who are good artists, modelers, animators etc. but lack in UE4 knowledge. We have to deffer stuff like importing animations etc. to programmers. It would be very valuable for us to be able to create “classrooms” where we can add our employees and assign them a curriculum that we could then track their progress on. For example we want John Doe to take over said animation importing - assign the UE4 Basics, UE4 Asset Management etc. courses to him and his manager can then track how far along he is on that course.

Hi DamirH,

Thanks for the feedback and compliment. We want our videos to be relevant. We will have feedback mechanisms for the viewers to tell us. Also we have up front subject matter expert review from Epic to make sure the content is relevant before its even made. That said, everyone learns differently, so we want the content to be correct and well presented and produced. You may see occasional over lap and repetition, but this is by design. Once older material loses its relevance, we will keep it up (because many teams still on older versions) but we will try to categorize it as such.

As for contributors, those are the Authors that create the material. We want to work with best instructors who also have vast engine experience. Not just anyone can contribute because we have a well defined quality standard. That said, anyone can submit a proposal to create content for us. There is an author selection and vetting process.



Hi Clavos, Thanks for your comments and feed back.

Here are some of my thoughts.

@#1: Project based courses are a priority. Those are coming and we are actively planning them. They won’t completely replace our workflow based courses, but compliment them. These do take some real planning as we also have to chunk the parts of the projects to make sure they effective learning modules.

@#2: YES. Planned. C++ will likely occur first. The whole Game Dev Track in planned. Initially the learning material was focused at “enterprise”. But Game Dev and more Fiom/VFX is coming.

@#3: Yes it still is mainly focused at enterprise. Hopefully the new course discovery features will make courses relevant to you easier to find. However, we have ambitious plans for adding new material. They main thing about our material vs. others is that our material is made to our specifications and is vetted by Epic. There is a lot of great material out there, and we want to compliment it from our point of view. Everybody learns differently so we encourage people to find the best way to learn that’s right for them. We also hope that when we can do better people will tell us so we can adapt.

We are still early days for the new learning platform to as the year progresses, please let us know how we are doing.



This is a great idea and something we are considering. Stay tuned for more in the 2nd half of the year on this.


I really like the new layout. Thanks for this.

When you say “there is an author selection and vetting process” do you mean like, right now?

Would be great if you can click on next lesson while you are in full screen, is a bit pain watch a video in full screen and when it finishes Exit full screen mode -> Next Module -> Full Screen -> Play, make a button that appears when the video finishes so you just click on it and start the next lesson in the current format you just saw the video (full screen or normal window) and autoplay, or just a countdown you can stop and if you don’t stop it, the next lesson starts to play in full screen if you were watching the video in full screen, or in normal size if you were watching the video in normal size.

Still no C++ courses. Just a note, make C++ courses without telling what to text, if you say something like “write APlayerController->SetViewTarget(CameraOne);” , we learn to do that and only that, it is better to show how to reach and find we need SetViewTarget, instead say “I know I have to use SetViewTarget”. I say this, because it is something I saw in tons of Unreal C++ courses and at the end, you only learn to do what the tutorial is showing (move a character, shot, grab something, etc…) instead how to program in C++ for UE4. It is like teach someone how to tweak a photo in particular saying “I know I have to set contrast to 20 and hue to 12” instead teach how to find the right contrast and hue values by himself, so he can use that knowledge in other photos.

Yes we have an audition process where we evaluate the authors ability to effectively instruct and communicate complex concepts and procedures within the engine itself. If/when they pass the audition, we work with them on a course proposal that is vetted by Epic subject matter experts. Once that is complete and approved, then they have the green light to create video content to our specification.

Thanks Ikifenix,

Noted. I’ll see what we can do.

C++ courses are coming later this year. They take awhile to produce. :wink:


Is there a way to apply for this at this time and if so, where and how?

When I try to log in it says my account is locked.

send me an email to onlinelearning (at) I’ll forward you to one of our producers who can share details with you.

Are there plans for more text based courses through the portal? The current stuff at is great to get a high level overview on concepts in order to know if its the correct thing to dive deeper into.

Having transcripts, or some more keywords per course and module would also really help to identify relevant material especially when the library continues to grow.

Incidentally any news when the wiki will be opening back up :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Hi, maybe a bug. I have started following this course
High End Product Lighting and Rendering (Exterior) And redemed the code shown in the “more information” tab, but no product appeared in my vault, I believe the product is no longer available…



Glad you like it!

OK, I’ll look into that ASAP.


Hi Boarnoah,

We can now do lots of different types of courses. I’m interested in seeing what you consider to be a good example of a text based course. Can you email me a link or example to onlinelearning [at]

We plan to release the transcripts once we decide the best way to do it. We already have them completed and they are used in the Closed Captions in video player.



Anyone else getting super tiny videos?

Hello Chris,

Resources like the , More detailed examples (that go over best practices, common designs) of concepts would be interesting to see.
Another resource I’ve seen cited as an example of well done text tutorials is Unity C# and Shader Tutorials (covers topics on Unity).

Not sure if this type of content is the goal of the learning portal, but I personally find it to be something that’s lacking.
A common response when looking for in depth text based resources is to go look at sources such as Udemy courses (which only cover basic uses and certainly not overarching design - like what are the best practices when building save/restore mechanisms, level streaming etc… ).

tl;dr Feel like there is a gap in resources between general design patterns (Table of Contents · Game Programming Patterns) and video tutorials that focus on implementing specific things in engine. An ideal intermediate resource would be ones that cover designing systems using the engine and providing insights into best practices based on experiences etc…

Hope that helps.

Looking good though the Czech translation could use some tweaks. I’m happy to help with that as Czech is my first language :cool:.