The launcher wont open

hello, I downloaded the unreal engine 4 and I installed it, but when I click the launcher button, it just loads for a few seconds and then nothing happens.
I have tried some things like run it as a adminstrator, the opengl path etc, but nothing works.
I have the dxdiag but I could not find the log (maybe because my OS is in portuguese, I dont know)

link text

Hello trevonildo,

Just to clarify: You have downloaded and installed both the Epic Games Launcher AND Unreal Engine 4? Or do you only have the Launcher installed and you are unable to download the engine?

well, I downloaded the launcher but couldnt launch it, so I guess I only have the launcher.

Hello again trevonildo,

Unfortunately it appears that your system does not meet the minimum specs for the Launcher. Due to this, the program will not run.