The launcher and the engine are freezing all the time

I would like to report about a problem.
The launcher and the engine freeze when their window isn’t active. I don’t know what causes it, probably a failed attempt to optimize things, but it isn’t working.
Just letting you know.

Hi there,

Could you please report this issue to AnswerHub Bug Reports with a copy of your DxDiag and some more info on how long the freezing occurs for, whether it un-freezes immediately upon regaining focus, etc? If you mean the realtime update of the viewport, then that is by design to prevent the editor from using resources the window “on top” needs. It should go straight back to normal once it regains focus. The launcher however shouldn’t be doing that so I’m not sure what could be causing that.

They will be able to assist you further from there, and may ask for logs if required. Thanks!