The landscapeing brush is giving me a headace

Sorry for just barging in like this (normally I take some time to read up on a forum), but I’m just starting out with landscaping in UE4.5 and the bright blinking of the brush is close to giving me a full migraine, and of course on top of that it’s a real eye strain as it makes it very hard to actually… see what I’m doing…

Is there some way to turn of the blinking?
Why on earth is it even there? Does it actually serve some sort of purpose and aid for us other then a mix of blinding us and obstructing our vision?


Basic info:
I have just gotten far enough to set up a standard landscape with default settings, a grass texture and a directional light at 4000,4000,4000 rotated down in addition to a skybox

As far as I know you cant turn it off :slight_smile: But when you put the “Brush Falloff” to the it will get a little bit better

I completely despise that blinking thing as well, I’ve hated it since UDK. I really hope they give us an alternative, it would make much more sense to have one that isn’t blinking and being able to set the opacity. Just let us have a keyboard shortcut to turn it off, so you can easily check how it looks without having to switch from landscape/foliage mode. Preferably there would be different types to choose from, like one with just an outline.
Might want to move this to suggestions instead.