The Landscape tool uses too much memory in dense maps

The engine version I’m using is 4.10.2, but it’s a modding tool for a game, so I selected “Game mod”.

I mean, it’s odd how the “Landscape” tool works. It loads fine at semi-blank maps, but it becomes an “unreal” nightmare in filled maps. I’m making a medium-sized map for “Hatred” and I filled half-map with over 30 buildings.

The problem is, whenever I open the “landscape” tool to paint my map, it loads for almost 5 minutes, then I either simply run out of memory for this task that would take 3 seconds at a blank map or I run out of memory and somehow the Landscape tool screws my PC up because it leechs all my memory only by clicking over the “Landscape” tool and waiting for ages, so my screen becomes black (gray if “CTRL+ALT+DEL”) and my PC becomes unresponsive, almost dead, the only responsive thing in my PC becomes the mouse cursor, forcing me to .

Is the Landscape tool supposed to be so taxative like that when selected in dense maps?

Also, is there a way export my map with all the layers filled with painted textures and import it to another level so I won’t need to cross my fingers to my PC not faint during the process?

My specs are:

AMD R9 290 4gigs
AMD FX-8350 4Ghz
128GB SSD for Windows 10 OS

Thanks :wink:

Hi fefejooj,

  • Does this occur in a clean, blank project with no additional content or is it limited to one project?
  • What steps can I take to reproduce this on my end?
  • How large is the landscape you are using?
  • How many layers does the landscape material you are using contain?

1 - No, the landscape tool loads quickly with no memory issues in blank levels.

2 - Fill your level with stuff (I had almost 25000 assets in my level), the landscape tool will take longer to load itself as long as your level become filled.

3 - 800 components.

4 - 8 layers

The landscape tool becomes slower and slower to load as the level gets filled with stuff at the point of leeching all my 8GB RAM only by doing nothing else than opening the editor/level and the landscape tool.

Anyway, If you don’t mind, I’m gonna report a bigger issue here about the same subject which almost made me lose 2 months of work a couple of hours ago. I exported my terrain with the “export selected” option under “file” menu and I exported the terrain in the .t3d format to edit it in a blank map.

I selected the “import” option under the “file” menu, which is meant to load imported t3d objects and actors in the current level as it describes itself, which in my case was the “terrain” level.

The import tool does that just fine, well, almost. The problem started after I clicked to save my level named “terrain”, for some know what reason, the level save as my persistent level “School_P”, which is the level that my terrain file got exported from and I got all my work I spent almost 2 months on overwritten with an empty level with a terrain.

After the engine finished the saving (overwritting) process, the viewport got black as if there were nothing in the level even in unlit mode, now called School_P, then I opened the School_P level to see the damage done and all I had there was a terrain with nothing else in the level.

Luckily I have a recent back-up file for my persistent level, but I still lost 5 days of progress.

So, the repro steps for this second issue is:

Export a terrain in .t3d format from “level A”.
Import it in “level B”.
Save the “level B” and watch the “level A” being overwritten.

Hi fefejooj,

With the size of the project you are currently loading, it is probably a matter of scale. There is simply so much content being loaded that it is going to take a long time to load. Have you considered using level streaming to reduce the amount of content shown on screen? Another option would be to use the World Composition Browser to limit the amount of content streamed in at any given time, which could help reduce the load on your computer. In either case, I would highly recommend looking into increasing the amount of RAM you currently have to offset the load on your PC while loading.

The reason the saving process occurred as it did is most likely because you had the persistent level selected as current in the level browser. When saving, please check the level browser to ensure that you have the correct sublevel selected before saving to prevent this from occurring.

Hi fefejooj,

We have not heard from you in several days. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment with the requested information.