The lack of support is amazing

built an entire game by myself and now i am stuck and cant get any help.
You want people to release games using your software so you can get your cut of the payout right? Yet actual support seams to be nowhere. Yes forums and community support but the problem i am stuck on has apparently been an ongoing issue for 5-6 years and now over a week of reading all of your documentation and watching youtube tutorials and reading forums still no closer to it working.


Fortnite makes billions every year for Epic. Tim Sweeney’s personal net worth is ~10 Billion. Placed side-by-side against those kinds of stats, your game is meaningless to Epic (just stone cold economics).

Since 2017 Epic no longer engage with the forums in any meaningful way, except when they want something, like bug-reports or feedback on a new-release / new-feature. Everything else is pay-for-support with no budget-support options for game devs whatsoever (vs content creators).

Welcome to the rest of the Indie community. :grinning: As regards getting help from the Community. Maybe someone can help. But ask yourself this… How often do you help others? Epic is an absentee landlord. So all that’s left is for devs to help each other (if that’s possible depending on the issue). But if you don’t contribute anything you can’t expect help back or feel self-entitled. Its charity if someone chooses to reply. Plus, Epic have little or no interest in mobile anymore. Godot / Gamemaker / Unity are more obvious engine choices overall. :wink:


I feel for you. It is difficult. The reality is that support costs money. Epic will support you but you do have to pay for Unreal Developer Network service at a minimum. Premium on the support page.

I don’t know exactly the amount, but think around $1000.00 per year or something like that. They aren’t super-fast on support there, but they usually do respond and elevate/solve issues. I would expect about a week to get first reply on an issue and maybe a month to get some workaround or resolution. These are average numbers, but we’ve been on UDN for a few years and that’s kind of what we find.

We’re in the business of client projects, so a month wait for resolution is rarely good enough for us, so we hire more experienced developers to get around our occasional major issues.

Also, point us to the issue. Maybe it’s something we’ve run into.

They stopped helping the community in 2017 because it didnt pay-off for them and instead put all resources on developing the Engine further? Or why else?

It makes no sense to me to provide an Engine for developers around the world but no help, especially considering how complex & difficult it is to develop a game and THEY are the experts that know stuff, they cant expect that everyone is able to solve everything on their own.

Unreal Developer Network is an option of course, but putting that thing behind a PayWall is meh…

Also, Fornite gave them an insane financial boost, I dont think they would go bankrupt with placing some smart staff people on the forums again to help developers.