The Incredible Shrinking Man, L3Di students project

Hi all,

I share the final project made with bachelor students this year :
It’s call “The incredible shrinking man” and it refers to the original movie made by Jack Arnold in 1957.

The project place yourself in the body of the shrinking man, all have been designed especially for VR (Oculus and Vive).

We hope to share the experience on Steam ASAP, the project makes actually the competition in Indiecade.


You are sharing trailer of something not project and that is huge difference

The artstyle looks a lot like dishonored!

Well 99% of posts on this forum don’t post the project, they post images or trailers of their work.
And if you’re talking about how it’s not a game, it is. And even if it wasn’t, people are free to create anything they want with UE4, including non-games.