The Following Modules Are Missing: UE4-Editor-[projectname].dll

For some reason this all of a sudden started happening after I deleted a CPP and header file (corresponding class). Any idea how to fix? Thanks!

Hello !
Have you found a solution for this ?
Thanks in advance !

Are you experiencing the same error message? Can you please give us some details on your issue so we can try and help?

Also if it is not allowing you to access your project, please create a post on AnswerHub (Bug Reports & Crashes) (you can sign in using your same account as the forums) and provide as much detail as possible related your issue, this way Epic staff will be alerted and work with you to get it fixed asap.

Once you have done that, please add a link to your post here so we can find it easily for future readers of this post.

Thank you! And welcome to the forums! :smiley: