So far I have only worked with the Source engine, and moving to the fancy Unreal Engine 4 is NOT a simple task.
what I am trying to do is making a weapon. any kind of weapon. and maybe, if I will be lucky enough to actually create a weapon, I would like to make a weapon system that gives the player the incredible ability to pickup and switch between weapons. I tried customizing the gun that came with the FPS asset, and it didn’t work.

I would start with the first step of swapping out geometry from a running game example. Pick any of the “preloads” for a UE4 project, make yourself a custom shaped piece of geometry (like in Blender), export it and try and replace some part of the game with that custom geometry. Every part of this can be googled trivially and complete tutorials found, but when you do it yourself, that’s when you really get it.

And what you learn with that step will go a long way to answering your questions above.

Hello there, I’ll be glad to help you because I think I know how to do it! PM me here or find me on skype: uadmin1 as well as on this email: muzunov@hotmail. I’ll be glad to help!

It’s pretty easy to create a weapon system. e.g a basic one: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?55508-How-to-integrate-Military-Weapons-pack-into-FPS&highlight=weapon
For the animation part, take a look at this tutorial series, it will teach you everything about animations: :slight_smile: