The Editor Crashes when I open any BP that I made

Before the 4.4.2 update my project started crashing when i would open it. i didn’t do anything crazy to make it do this. as a matter of fact everything was fine the last time i saved and closed the editor. i changed my default map to the StarterMap and it will load now but every time i try to open a BP it crashes with no reason in the crash report. i send a report a few times but i don’t want to send a million of the same thing lol.

I copied my BPs and opened them in another project and some of them will open without crashing but they are all messed up. pins look half connected and when i fix it and compile it crashes…

I tried to load a backup and does the same thing.

Can someone please help me with this. i DO NOT want to loose all the work Ive done…


Hi Skooma,

Please provide the logs for the project after it crashes. You can read about how to report a bug and find the logs here:


Here is the files after crash. the crash reports dont say anything anymore it is just (sorry for the inconvenience) kind of message.

this log is what happends every time i try to open or compile a BP for my project. Like i said in my question, it does it even in new projects with these BP’s.

Log and DumpFile

Skooma I had that too from time to time and was unable to resolve it most of the time (sometimes deleting/moving my last changed BP out of the Content Folder helped). This is why it is extremely important to use Version control like Subversion or Perforce all the time and often when doing serious work.

Ya the problem though is that the problem started randomly before i updated to 4.4.2.

Any help would be great! @TJ Ballard Thank you for fixing that i didn’t even notice!


Hey Skooma,

Sorry for the delay in response. I am waiting for the developers to get a chance to look over the logs you attached. Could you also attach one of the Blueprints that consistently crashes the editor, even when placed in a new project? Thanks!

Hello Ben,

Thank you for the reply! Attached is the file with all the BP im having trouble with.



I haven’t tracked down the exact fix, but when I load your project in 4.5 I don’t crash when opening BP_BaseItem blueprint. I was able to reproduce the crash in 4.4

Is it possible for you to upgrade to 4.5? It should be painless if your project is content only - and even with code it should be quite straightforward.