The Cost of UE4 - west vs east


With regards to UE4 subscription. i see that US developers pay $19 and EU developers pay 19 euros.
Now myself being from the UK just checked the exchange rates and i fall into the euro bracket.

So, checking exchange rates and such, I find that European developers are paying more for the same features.
Is that a correct assumption. I think that the pricing should be the same for EU and US. maybe just everything in US dollars.

just for information purposes. the exchange rates are as follows.

19 Euros = $26.27 US
19 Euros = ?15.89 GBP
$19 US = ?11.49 GBP

What do you think?

all the best


I wouldn’t say that they’re paying more, just that their currency is worth slightly more or less? As far as Epic is concerned however, they receive the same amount per person as far as I’m aware, maybe aside from some minor discrepancies between the currencies.