The contiguous elements of geometry create a shadow one upon another, looks like sort of AO

Hello everyone.

Here is the problem - elements of geometry create a shadow one upon other, looks like sort of AO

As you can see, pillows of soga and armchair generates shadow on backs.
Here is the UV channel_1, may be not the best unwrap, but the elements are located at a sufficient distance from each other.


Even more so, i saw some promo ant test scenes, where meshes with same or worse unwrap, but where are no those problems with shadows.

I tried to google this problem, but seems like no one else has same problem, so, i`m confused.
Is it problem with setting of light, or export to FBX, or unwrap?

Sorry for my English.

Thanks in advance.


I think you should read more about creating lightmaps… there are a lot of tutorials/infos about the subject!
The lightmap you showed us… The paddings are way to wide between islands but sadly non at the edges… also those tiny dots won’t get any lighting information… and if you keep the pillow and the chair together you’ll need like a 512 res lightmap to get proper shadow details… your floor’s blocky shadows are also because of low resolution and the same goes to your walls…

Seems like you`re right.
I created sort of very primitive sofa with basic flatten unwrap and there is no shadow problem.

Thank you a lot, at least now i know where is a problem and what i should improve.
Thank you very much, i appreciate it.