The best way to let a string from LevelBP be passed on to text on Players UIWidget?

If Level has several triggers who each fire a Matinee and should write individual text on users screen… How would you do that most optimal?

I find it easy to let widgets LISTEN to SPECIFIC actors, but I find it extremely cumbersome to ‘Push’ messages to them, when there potentially is a large number of ‘actors/triggers/instances/pawns’ throughout the game that all need to ‘write to the screen’… since I cannot find ways to ‘cast’ to widget and the obvious ‘Event Dispatchers’ are ‘one to many’, whereas my need most often is ‘Many to one’…
Thanks :slight_smile:

PS: I figure that a Public variable in the controlled Pawn, used as a ‘middleman’ is the best option:
Any one can write to it, and UI Widget is listening to it…
But it just do not appear optimal to me to use such an ‘in between’, it raises a lot of issues for instance when changing Pawn, is there no better way?*

Is there no way to for example fire an event in a WidgetBP from any random actor/LevelBP?