The Advent of Realtime

Hi all,

I was fortunate to have a piece I wrote for the studio I work at featured on the Twitch stream today. Just posting a link here if anyone is interested in reading.

I originally studied Computer Games Design at university but now work as an artist on architectural visualisation projects as well as other motion graphic work. The release of UE4 got me excited for potential crossover between the two fields, but it could also result in some fundamental changes. The same piece elicited a mixed response on an arch-vis forum on LinkedIn, some thought I believed ‘real-time’ was a new technology, and others were adamant that ‘game’ tech has no place outside of…games! Give us a shout if you have any questions about it anyways, though to be honest I asked a fair few in the piece myself so would be interested in hearing your thoughts!


That’s funny, I got back into the gaming world because I was using gaming software (blitz3D - writing lines and lines and lines of basic) to visualize and experience urban planning projects for a firm in NYC. Since using UDK and now UE4, I am definitely thinking about getting back in touch with my former co-workers. They currently use Sketchup and a third party real-time software, but I think they could get on well with UE4, considering how “easy” UE4 is (or can be).