The ability to use Unreal

My computer was banned from all UE4 versions.

Ok, so before you try to give any solutions, I’ve tried everything, and am currently doing a fresh install #5. I just want to use Unreal. None of the versions work, nothing does.

Shortly put, Unreal’s build agent suddenly stopped working on my computer. Week ago, I was building a scene for few hours and building it as I went, and suddenly I couldn’t build anymore. The entire engine freezes at the same % of build phase. Creating a new projects is impossible, because that requires building. Log files are of no help, as Unreal freezes with no errors.


Unreal is known to be very unstable at times, needing to press compile many times, and crashing randomly. That’s nothing new or unknown.

But please, for the next update, add a bugtracker. Something you can enable or disable when starting Unreal Engine. What I want to know is why is building agent is non-responsive. It’s not about broken files, bad settings or like, as I’ve fresh installed 4 different versions. Maybe there’s a clash in memory? Your guess is as good as any.

When Unreal freezes, there is no error message in the logs. This is a big oversight. An .exe that only monitors Unreal should exist at this point. Maybe even just have more verbose build, where it actually says every step it takes, and if it finishes them?

Even if I randomly get Unreal working on my PC again, please, for love of god, add a way for me to know why I’ve been forced to uninstall and reinstall unreal for the last week.

Have you tried deleting this path? “\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine”. This will force all your projects to recompile. Don’t know if it will help with new projects though.

I fresh installed fifth time, and now I can build. However, I can’t compile anymore.

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Same issue. Engine freezes at the same % amount every time when compiling. First it complained about Incredibuild license, so after uninstalling IncrediBuild and adding no XGE to build settings, it just stays frozen.

Crashes are fine, erros too. You can deal with them, you can report them if they are bugs. But freezing compile or build in a constant loop, with no output log information except that I started a compile?

Alright another update, after testing it again, now I can compile now. Just for context, I’ve been trying to compile since 14:00 PM and now it’s 1:00 AM.

Again, it would be fun to know why I couldn’t use Unreal Engine for the last 5 days.

I am not a new Unreal user, I’ve been using this Engine for a solid year now on this computer. There’s no reason for these type of issues to exist.

ahh I should have thought of this before…
Please try deleting your projects intermediate folder, this will force the project itself to recompile

There’s one more solution that may work but it’s in the registry editor and you shouldn’t edit or otherwise delete entries, this should be considered a last resort.
Step 1: uninstall all Unreal Engine versions & Epic Games launcher
Step 2: restart the computer
Step 3: open registry editor (registry editor opens in windows by app searching “regedit”)

Step 4: find and delete all “Epic Games” folders

I’ve found entries in:
computer\HKEY_USERS.DEFAULT\Software\Epic Games

Step 5: Delete \AppData\Local\UnrealEngine
Step 6: restart your computer again
(at this point you’ll have as clean an uninstall as you can get)
Step 7: install Epic Games Launcher and Unreal Engine.

Again, doing anything in the registry editor should be considered a last-resort. Best case scenario nothing of note happens. Worst case scenario you will have to reinstall windows.

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ahh I should have thought of this before…
Please try deleting your projects intermediate folder, this will force the project itself to recompile

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It’s not the first time it happened with production.

Move your files off to an external, format C:, re-install windows.

Issue can some-times be caused by UE4 brute forcing ram and causing all sorts of havoc / bsods that lead to system instability. It really depends on your machine and whatever else you do with it too.
Building lights is probably the major cause of issues - particularly if windows decides it wants to update during a light build that lasts 3 days…

Should it cause issues? No. But it does.
It can literally cripple systems worse than OCCT ever could. Don’t ask me how.