Thank you. Seriously.

You know I’ve done more than my fair share of complaining about engine bugs on this forum and the answerhub, and knowing how engine releases can be dodgy from time to time I usually hold off on upgrading my project which is fairly far into development. After running into some issues with the engine crashing constantly (on 4.21) I decided it was time to upgrade. The move to 4.23 was fairly painless with the exception of a few API changes, but once my project was fully migrated I have to say…wow! The performance gains not only in the editor, but the standalone game were absolutely phenomenal. I make heavy use of hiererchical instanced static meshes and I can tell that some serious work has been done to improve their performance. Not only does my game now run faster, but it looks better, and the editor is overall more stable. C++ compilation times as well as editor startup times have also improved dramatically. As a developer this is really what I look for, and for that I just want to say thank you guys. I feel like this is really what new engine versions should provide, rather than gimmicks like atmospheric sky which to me are best left to the marketplace. If these are the kind of gains I can expect from newer versions of the engine than I don’t have any problems upgrading, so thanks again.