Thank you Epic!

Thank you Epic for selling an empty illusion: it’s so easy to do amazing VR that you cannot show to real clients, who don’t need it anyway!

Thank you for wasting 1.5 years of my life, for nothing.

Thank you for making me spend thousands of Euros on powerful PC and trainings in Italy, Sweden and so on.
Thank you for making all of us believe that it’s so easy to do VR. I achieved amazing results, indeed, putting a lot of time & frustration into it, of course. I could have used that time for something else.
But no one can see that amazing VR project, unless they see it on my computer or they have a powerful computer. Real clients don’t spend thousands of Euros or powerful PC’s, they have business laptops.
Pixel streaming? Useless. Package as HTML? Zero. Send packages with lots of GB to clients? A joke.

FYI, real clients, like property developers, tried VR few years ago and they think it’s crap and also will never pay for it or wear a “cool” VR headset. But I am sure you, Epic people, know that.

Stop lying.
Best regards.

Ionut Croitoru.

If you’re going to be looking to do a VR project you have to think about how that’s going to work for the client. That’s on you to figure out if it’s a viable option. For example, we’ve been messing with Hololens but it’s become clear it’s not really a viable option because of a few reasons - too expensive, uncomfortable to wear, and 90% of people can’t figure out how to do the gestures.