TGA art changes in a game, some questions from a novice.

I’ve made some changes to some ui graphics in an U4 game that i disliked (ARK:SE). i’ve search the web but can’t seem to find if i need to place these changes into the whole game to upload them as a steam workshop mod or just how to implement them. in one such change i simply dislike the color blue as i’m blue/green colorblind and have taken out the files and made them a color i’m able to see easier. i’d like to share this but i’m unsure how it gets “repackaged” maybe so it can be used. workshop has no help as it’s just the place to upload them really so it was a stretch to reach out here to find help.
Also, if i just wanted to “re-skin” an item in a game say change a decal or add “tattoos” to a character skin is there a way to process just these types of changes without simply adding them to a custom level. i guess what im asking is say like skyrim mods on workshop and nexus you can select a “mod” and use it in your game to add in a different targeting reticle, and it’s just that, no other requirements save having them correct version of the game to add the art changes.
Any help or directions to more help would be greatly appreciated. my only guess would be a widget? for the ui color changes.