Texturing resize issues

Texturing is by far the MOST annoying thing of all time!!! This picture is a street and sidewalks with a wall…and there BOXES! Easy uvs right?? Well…When I drop the textures on it…ONLY the 10 foot by 10 foot sidewalk shows the texture right…

the 40 foot wall and 20 foot street looks pulled and looks crappy! What is going on with these??? The uvs and modeling is done PERFECTLY…

There must be an error with the UV’s :wink: -> could you probably post a picture of them?

Well, I doubt that your UV setup is appropriate for goal you’re trying to achieve. Would you mind showing UV to me?

how do you post uvw on here? photoshop wont load it…

Just open the UV’s in your 3d program (uv editor) + make a screenshot of it + paste it into paint + upload it :slight_smile:

oh ok doing that now :slight_smile:

cc477fd71ee8bec4d3906536e2a776acd1cc1caa.jpeg wall

cb4059970ba72bb6774008ccc67aa031d1a5cfe1.jpeg street

4a6b6e11703362234c7bf8aa15541776145f077f.jpeg sidewalk

When you dont want to have any streched textures, you will have to use a square as a uv -> like you can see on your last picture :slight_smile:

so to build a street or wall, the uvs need to be even boxed?

When you use seamless textures you can keep them boxed, because then they will start tiling :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :slight_smile: will give update :slight_smile:

Still having texture trouble…I have done EVERYTHING people teach on youtube and on digital tutors…about uving and the ONLY way I can texture is by adding a picture to the uv using photoshop BUT thats very NOOB and very weak…How are you all using substance designer or painter OR UE4’s textureing to fit or work right on a uv??? This is getting damned flustrating…

I cant pay a arist to come texture my whole game :*( It cost me a ton…I have over 1500 models…

…man, in material editor take- setup for tiling- VTiling more than UTiling)))texture Coordinate -node…

Hey , check out this thread
Perhaps it will confuse you a little more(:D), but may also help you. If it does not help - write more details and I’ll try to help you solve this issues :slight_smile:

Theres no need to uvunwrap anymore.

so for simple box type objects follow this little guide line.

create a checker texture in (standard material, choose checker for diffuse - keep the size 1x1)

apply that to your box or the object you modeled.

apply a uvw modifier and tile the map through the modifier.

now when you import it to UE4, this issue will not be there…