Texturing Issue In UE4

Hey everyone i just imported my textures at 4k from substance painter to UE4 but they seem to be showing up at around 2k for some reason im not to sure what to do here here are to pictures of what i mean.d8671be6cc058e74e03763de5f44d414a47a050f.jpegff88c01833745256e61fa1df2d428ebef6003036.jpeg

the first one is UE4 the second substance painter what am i doing wrong here is it the view port or somthing?

1st. Make sure exporting 4k textures(double check this Painter doesn’t always export at your dimensions you were working on)
2nd make your your importing at 4k(an ez way to check is to open up the texture in Unreal. It should give you the dimensions)
3rd if you are exporting at 4k and importing at 4k then Unreal should be using the textures at 4k and its working fine…

The difference between the two models maybe because Unreal and Substance have different rendering engine, thus they render the same object differently. Also the PBR workflow for Unreal is different from Substance.(although substance can use the Unreal workflow it doesn’t by default) For example Substance prefers a height map to a normal map, but unreal its the other way round. Also unreal handles metals differently from Substance.(substance uses the color map, but unreal uses the Spec map, I think) I really don’t remember you can read about the differences from here,
Unreal: DONTNOD Physically based rendering chart for Unreal Engine 4 | Sébastien Lagarde