Texturing:How do I do this?

Architectural texturing…I want to create elements such as walls etc where ive stamped detail w/ alphas in Substance or Zbrush.

 Since I dont want the same texture on every piece clean and shiny I thought to use vertex painting in Unreal. That way I can see the meshes laid out and apply weathering and dirt and grime and say broken plaster etc accordingly. What I dont know is if I want to use vertex painting then I have to bring it in without texture? Will the detail that I stamped on with alphas survive? Or can I give the mesh a base background texture and then just detail with the vertex painting. 

My goal is to create walls and pillars with similar base texture, have them be carved, and dirty/break em up texture-wise. But as a whole tie them together. Just not sure how exactly is a good way.
For example if I have a courtyard with stone walls…I can give each wall the same background texture. Make each look carved. And then add broekn plaster and moss and dirt etc and make each one different.